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This is a sincere attempt to make technology inclusive for our senior citizens who often get lost and confused due to the many variations in mobile app usage. The India Assist app is simple and the Seniors can use it as per their convenience. Based on a simple subscription model, Assistance will be provided using technology and via a phone app in many forms, including on-ground personnel.

This service will come as huge relief for Children who live away from their Senior Parents as they can rest assured that someone will be available 24X7 at a simple click of a button for their dear ones. They can subscribe to this facility on behalf of their parents. This can be considered a life-long insurance offering assured and reliable assistance. India Assist will even send personnel to help Senior Citizens set up the application on their phones and teach them how to use it.

What We Offer


Monthly Package

$ 749 with GST

15 days free Subscription

Auto renewal after 30 days of subscription

  • 4 times IN-person ASSISTANCE support (which include bank visit, grocery visit, shopping, hospital visit)
  • Unlimited On-call Assistance
  • Unlimited medical emergency assitance with In-person ASSISTANCE
  • Doctor's consultation CAll/Visit once in a month
  • Anniversary and birthday celebration (booking of table, photos)
  • information update to emergency contact(s) during emergency situation / crisis
  • Gadget / Technology setting support at home
  • Verified Information regarding third party vendors

Download App

  • India Assist helps you active assistance and distress management, channelized through our mobile application. We provide help through either verified information or personalised assistance to our customers.
  • During the Covid-19 affected times , we are offering free travel assistance to support to travellers stuck in India.
  • Download app to reach us via call or chat.
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About Us

India Assist founder Harish Khatri and co-founder Moqierish Tak identified a serious gap in the technology landscape, that of security and active assistance. They found a serious lack of a centralized system that could people verified information and trusted assistance. They conceptualized and launched India Assist with a vision to “bridge the gap and provide people 24x7 assured assistance using a simple to use phone application”
Kick-starting with Travel Assist as a service for foreign travellers coming to India, the two Co-founders are rapidly looking at expanding into various verticals and bringing distress management in focus along with Happy Assistance for days when you just need someone to take care of your requirements to set up a fun occasion.
The huge humanitarian crisis during the COVID Lockdown brought home the fact our senior citizens are extremely vulnerable. And, so is anyone who is isolated from family. Many people were unable to step out to get even essentials. Elderly did not know how to use payment wallets and net banking and were often left helpless. This made the Co-founders of India Assist work actively towards finding a solution. And this led to the creation of SENIORS and Family Assist.
India Assist is not a Fair-Weather Friend. It is, in fact your all-time friend. Feel free to call us anytime!


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Paolo Gali, Netherlands

I contacted India Assist when I experienced difficulties in recovering a wrong payment that I did when preparing my forthcoming trip to India. They were immediately responsive, provided me with useful information and contact points, and then stepped in very effectively and were able in a very short time to retrieve the disputed sum to my full satisfaction. I can only recommend to anyone traveling to India to avail themselves of the India Assist service, this provides invaluable help in finding your way around this wonderful but immense and sometimes difficult country.

Thank you India Assist, good job!

Scott Cooper, USA

I am a US citizen of Puerto Rican descent traveling India currently stuck in the city of Vizag in Andhra Pradesh due to the COVID-19 crisis. I sought out help from India Assist to help evacuate me to a safer place here in India due to my current unsafe situation. My experience with India Assist has been very good. They are very caring and understanding of my situation and concerns.

Founding Members

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Harish Khatri (Founder)

A visionary who founded Redwood Media in 2010 with a vast experience of 12 years in managing re- nowned and big ticket events. He was also a one of the founding member of GroupM ESP and worked as Regional Head - Deccan Chargers.

Now as a Founder of CarRentalAssist.com and India Assist, Harish has made a mark in travel and tour- ism industry.

Moqierish Tak (Co-Founder)

The dynamic professional has been associated with Sports & Event Management since 2010. She has managed the Commonwealth Games- Delhi 2010, Lusofania Games- Goa 2013 and many other major events. A Mathematics Hons. graduate from Delhi University, she has a Masters' degree in Inter- national Sports Management from Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK.

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